All money's are now to be paid via ParentPay. Every child have an account and all dinner money, trips, Breakfast Club, Keys Club and all other money are put on here for parents/carers to pay for. If you are having trouble please email ParentPay or speak to the school office.

Please follow the link to login to your account. ParentPay Login

Where are the Holiday dates?

They are all on our school calendar on the website or you can click this link.

What are Key Stage 1 and 2 (KS1 and KS2)?

Key Stage 1 is Reception to Year 2 (Age 4 - 7)

Key Stage 2 is Year 3 to Year 6 (Age 7 - 11)

What is our school uniform?

You can find this information out by looking at our uniform policy on this page.

Our uniform can be purchased from Ann's Schoolwear in Bacup.

School Dinner have now gone back to picking on the day?

Children pick what dinner they want on the day. You can also have a look at the menu on the following link School Dinner Menu

How much are school dinners?

Free for KS1

£2.45 per day for KS2

School opening Times?

Official opening time: 8.50am

Official closing time is staggered: 3.15pm till 3.25pm



Break time: 10.20am till 10.35am

KS1 Dinner time: 12pm till 1.10pm

KS2 Dinner time: 12.15pm till 1.10pm


This equivalates to 32.5 hours per week on a typical week. 

Breakfast Club Times and Prices?

Runs from 7:45am till 8.50am

£4 (Inc Breakfast) - arrive after 8.30am and only fruit will be available for breakfast

Keys Club Times and Prices?

Runs from 3:25pm till 5:45pm

£8 per night