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Computing Statement of Intent

The basis of our computing curriculum is ‘Purple Mash’ which is an award-winning cross curricular website for primary school children, enabling them to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.  


The Intent of our Computing Curriculum 

‘Purple Mash’ forms the basis of our lessons and staff adapt these lessons to meet the needs of the children. At St Peters, we have acknowledged the great speed at which technology is progressing and how much access children have to devices and the internet. It is our aim to ensure that all children, parents/carers, staff and governors understand the benefits and dangers of using these devices. As well as teaching the key knowledge and skills to computing, we also see teaching online safety as a fundamental part of the curriculum. We have an online safety-based unit in every year group, as well as teachers including online safety aspects throughout the units they are teaching. We will also hold a Safer Internet Day on the 7th February 2023. 

We aim to support the education and implementation of online safety with our parents/carers through providing links to relevant websites accessed through our school website; a weekly section of online advice sent to both children; the Online Safety Policy being available from our website. 

Parent page link to Online Safety Advice