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St Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School

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Miss Lynch's English Group

Week Commencing 22nd February

From this week, all lessons will be live on Teams starting at 10:50am. Please ensure you have everything ready that you may need in advance!

You will need: Homework book, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, this week's spellings and chart (in files below), printed worksheets (if possible), coloured pencils, scissors.



Please find this week's spellings in a document below along with a chart to help you practise.

Spelling tests take place every Friday!

 unit 8 Adding the suffix - ing.pdfDownload
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Monday 22nd February 2021

Learning objective (title for books):  L.O: To use apostrophes to show possession.

First, complete the grammar warm up. Answers are on p2.

Then read through the presentation and complete the activities.

 Apostrophe Presentation.pptDownload
 Grammar warm up.pdfDownload
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Complete the activity sheets when prompted.

 Possessive sentences.pdfDownload
 Wanted poster.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To explore, listen to and enjoy our new book.

We are starting a new English unit today.

Open the following PowerPoint for clues. Can you guess the book?

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Next, watch the official movie trailer...

Read Chapter 1 (below) of 'A Bear Called Paddington' by Michael Bond.

Record any wow words (ambitious vocabulary) you come across.

Chapter 1 - A Bear Called Paddington...


What do you predict will happen in the rest of the story and why?


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To understand which types of sentences are questions.

First, use the template in the following file to create a Paddington mask.

 Paddington bear mask.pdfDownload
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Whilst you are creating your mask, watch a BBC Super Movers video about question marks and exclamation marks by clicking on the following image...

In your Homework books I'd like you to write down lots of interesting questions you would like to ask Paddington Bear.

Don't forget to:

  • Number each question
  • Start each question with a capital letter
  • End each question with a question mark.
  • Use the question hand below to pick different question openers?

Hot seating activity...

Miss Lynch will wear her mask and take on the role of Paddington whilst the children ask their questions. 

Next, different children will pretend to be Paddington and everyone else can ask questions.

With different people pretending to be Paddington, children might ask the same questions but get very different answers!

In your books, write the answers to your questions in full sentences (number them so the answers match the questions).

Finally, how would you describe Paddington in 3 words?


Thursday 25th February 2021

There will be no live session today!

Learning objective (title for books): 

To write a character description for Paddington the Bear.

Points for discussion:

What do we know about Paddington?

What does he look like? (Small, brown, furry, with an old suitcase and a wide-brimmed hat)

What is he like as a character? (Polite, friendly, a bit clumsy and a very messy eater)

What is special about him? (He can speak English - his Aunt Lucy taught him; he likes marmalade - he
ate a whole jar on his journey to England)

Use the following worksheet to draw and describe Paddington Bear. The video below might help you draw him...

 character description.pdfDownload
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Friday 26th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To plan a Paddington adventure/a story with a beginning, middle (problem) and ending (resolution).

PowerPoint for today's lesson...

 lesson 4 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
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Paddington meets Judy's brother Jonathan and Mrs. Bird, the Browns' housekeeper, who decides Paddington is badly in need of a bath. The only problem is that he has never experienced taps or plugs before and Jonathan and Judy soon need to go to his rescue when water starts dripping through the sitting room ceiling.

Watch the following film clip to see what happens when Paddington takes a bath...

Use the document in the file below to plan your own Paddington problem/adventure story like the one in this chapter (A Bear in Hot Water).

Steps to success:

  • Think of an interesting title - A Bear in Hot Water
  • Use the three boxes on the sheet to tell the different parts of the story. 
  • In the first box write what Paddington wants to do (an ordinary household task)
  • In the second box write what goes wrong (because something usually does when Paddington's around!)
  • In the third box write how it all ends up.
  • Interesting sentence openers that order the events – Early in the morning, When the sun went down, First, Next, Secretly, Later, Suddenly, e.t.c
  • Capitals and full stops.
  • Include character feelings
  • Descriptive vocabulary and wow words  (ambitious vocabulary)
  • Conjunctions - because, however, but, so, although, e.t.c
  • Beautiful, neat handwriting.
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