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Miss Lynch English Group

Week Commencing 8th Feburary 2021


Please find this week's spellings in a document below along with a chart to help you practise.

Don't forget to test your child each Friday!

 unit 7 The igh sound spelt y.pdfDownload
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Monday 8th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books: To use commas instead of ‘and’ when writing a list.

We're continuing our work about using commas in lists. First, complete the grammar warm up. In class, we have a bit of finishing off to do from last week. If you didn't quite manage to finish as well, then use this time to complete your work too. If you did manage to finish then have a look through the powerpoint and complete a couple of activities from it in your books.

 Grammar warm up answers.pdfDownload
 Grammar warm up.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To use clues from the book.

Re-read 'The Day the Crayons Quit' using the PowerPoint below or listen to the story again by watching the following YouTube video...

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Take a look at the following PowerPoint for a 'Who is who?' activity other fun activities...

 The-Day-the-Crayons-Quit-Who is who powerpoint final.pptxDownload
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Now, use clues from the book to complete the 'Who am I?' activity in the following file. You will need to colour the crayons in the correct colour depending on what they are saying. Look back in the book if you need help.

 Who am I activity.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To write a persuasive letter.

Talk for writing (questions to discuss):

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Why is it your favourite colour?
  • Is it because of the colour itself, or the things that are drawn in this colour?

Have a think about your favourite crayon and the reasons why by completing the following worksheet...

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Now, I want you to write a letter to your favourite coloured crayon persuading them to not quit.

Some ideas for your letter:

  • Dear _____ crayon,
  • Hello, hope you are well, thank you for your letter (Introduction)
  • Please do not quit! I need you when I want to draw... (Explain why you are writing)
  • You are my favourite because...
  • You are better than all the other crayons because...
  • I understand that you feel...
  • I completely agree with you...
  • I am sorry for...
  • In future I will...
  • Thank you for your letter...
  • I'm glad you informed me of your issues...
  • Yours sincerely...

You could use the letter template below or write it straight into your homework book.

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You could also use this persuasive writing word mat to help you...

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Thursday 11th February 2021

 Learning objective (title for books): To write an argument.

Everything you will need is in the following PowerPoint...

 To write an argument powerpoint and activity.pptxDownload
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Friday 12th February 2021

Learning objective (title for books): To identify adjectives.

Everything you need for this lesson is in the files below.

 adjective powerpoint.pptxDownload
 adjective worksheet from powerpoint.pngDownload
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To finish the week, we will watch and listen to the sequel of the story. It's called 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'. Enjoy!