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Green Tree Schools Award

To gain our Silver Award we had to get 10 points by completing outdoor environmental activities including;

I have Visited a woodland

2 Points

We spoke about who has been to a woodland area and what you can do. Activities include Remembrance Poppy art, People  Portraits, Bug Hotel & many more...

Here are some photos from our visits to woodland areas.


I have Recycled ink cartridges and

1 Point

Throughout school we keep all ink cartridges and batteries and an external environmental company comes in to collect them. 

hare your woodland words and images

2 Points

When we visited the woods all the pupils had a task of creating an Autumnal Leaf Art using a hula-hoop.

'I made my autumnal leaf art using different coloured leaves and made them go round the circle starting with the green ones on the outside and the coloured one in the middle.'

‘I can smell garlic throughout the woods and hear birds talking to each other.’
At the of the session we all had a talk about different times of the year and that we are going into Autumn, then we started talking about winter and what we expect around that time – Snow, Robins, Ice & Father Christmas. 

To gain our Bronze Award we had to get 5 points by completing outdoor environmental activities including;

Hedge Planting within the school grounds

4 Points

We welcome the wildlife, Mammals, insects and birds to St Peter's by planting the shrubs around our new playground. We planted these trees to make a natural screen and a home for nature.

We Planted Dogrose, Hawthorn, Hazel, Crab apple, Dogwood.

Reduce CO2 emission around school

1 Point

High CO2 emissions are harmful to the environment and cause climate change.

There are lots of ways we can reduce CO2 emissions around school by (We have put signs up around school):

  • Switching off lights
  • Closing doors
  • Not leaving computers and TVs on standby
  • Switching to energy-saving light bulbs
  • Turning off radiators instead of opening windows
  • Closing curtains at night to keep the heat in