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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Good Morning Class 3!

Well done for continuing to work so hard on your home-learning activities.

Today's live sessions will be:

English Lesson Introduction (Miss Green's Group)- stay on after Morning Teams until 10:00

Mathematics Lesson Introduction (Orange, Green and Blue Groups) 11:00-11:25

Parents/Carers- please find below the daily timetable of activities for today. There are links to resources underneath each lesson which can either be printed or completed in homework books. 

Please continue to email me with evidence of your child's learning at least once a week.

Below are some more photos of work I have received so far this week- well done everyone!

Morning Teams- Welcome/Catch up Session- 9:10- 9:40

Please join in our live session where we can say our morning prayer, I will share our learning activities for today and we can complete Wake and Shake together. Today is our longer 'Catch-Up' session so I will also be sharing chapter 10 from 'Romans on the Rampage!' I can't wait to see you all!

If you can't join in the live session, a recording can be found on the Teams site and a copy of chapter 10 can be found below.  

 Romans on the Rampage Chapter 10.pptDownload
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Morning Prayer

God Our Father, 

I give to you, 

All that I think and say and do. 

In my work and in my happy play, 

I will give to you today. 


Wake and Shake

Get up and get moving!

English- 09:40-10:30 Live Lesson Introduction after Morning Teams till 10:00

Miss Green's Group- LO: To recognise and use the correct punctuation for direct speech.

In today's lesson we will be focusing on grammar by looking at direct speech. The PowerPoint that I will be sharing during the live lesson is attached below and the activity sheets. There is also an additional extension activity to complete if you have finished. If you cannot join in the live session then a recording can be found on the Teams site under the Morning Welcome session for today.

 English Resources
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Ms Bell's and Mrs Raja's RWI phonics groups

In the folder's below you will find a teaching overview for the daily activities and resources for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as Thursday and Friday activities are all based around 'World Book Day.'

For the next few days the phonics groups are focusing on recapping their learning. All the activities have been uploaded below and writing activities can either been printed out or completed in homework books.

Please check the overview for each day and just complete those activities. 

There is also a link below to the videos which will help you in teaching your child their sounds.  

Phonics Sound Videos

 RWI Phonics Resources
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Break 10:30-10:45

Have a run about, stretch your legs and have a healthy drink/snack. 

Arithmetic- 10:45 - 11:00

Times tables for this week will not be tested until Friday 12th March- so you have longer to learn them!

Orange, Green and Blue- please practise the 8 times table. (If you know the 4s then you just double the answers!)

Yellow and Red- please practise the 5 times table. 

Today you can login to either TTRockstars or timestables to practise the multiplication facts.  

Mathematics Lesson- 11:00 - 12:00

Live Lesson Introduction for Orange, Green and Blue Groups until 11:25

Please be logged in at 10:55 ready to start at 11:00- If you cannot join the live lesson a recording can be found on the Teams site. 

Orange, Blue and Green Groups- LO: To divide using the number line with some remainders.

Today we will be continuing our number line division work and begin to look at remainders that can occur when dividing too. The PowerPoint that I will be sharing during the live lesson is attached below and all the activity sheets too. There is an extra challenge and a multiplication square to help you when finding groups of a number if needed. If you cannot print the sheets then please complete your work in your homework book as neatly as you can.

Yellow Group- LO: To find related multiplication and division facts.

Watch the lesson at Finding related multiplication and division facts ( and complete the activities either by printing the sheet attached below or writing the answers in your homework books. There is also an additional activity below and an extra task on Purple Mash. You might find it helpful to have some cubes, counters or pasta shapes to help you too. 

Red Group- LO: To find a quarter of a shape.

Watch the lesson at To find one quarter of a shape ( and complete the activities either by printing the sheet attached below or by writing the answers in your homework books. There is also an additional activity below and one on Purple Mash to complete. 

 Maths Resources
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Spellings/Handwriting- 12:00 - 12:15

There will be no spellings set for this week or next week. During the week beginning 15th March the whole school will be reviewing spellings by completing the full year group tests. This list can be found in the back of your child's Home School Record book but please email me if it is not there. 

I would like you to practise these words through handwriting practise during this time. You can either complete this on the attached sheet or in your homework books- as neatly as you can!

 Handwriting lines.pdfDownload
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Lunch Time- 12:15- 1:10

Lunch-Time Prayer

Bless us O Lord

As we sit together

Bless the food we eat and the hands that made it. 

Bless us O Lord as we eat together.


Afternoon Lessons- 1:10 - 3:00


RE- The Eucharist Mass- 1:10-2:10

LO: To reflect on my learning about the Eucharist Mass.

Today I would like you to complete the 'Checking Out' question on the Eucharist Topic. This is your chance to show me all you have learnt during this topic. Look back at all of your previous work on the Eucharist Mass to help you answer the question. I have attached a PowerPoint below with examples of what you could write about and the Checking Out sheet is attached too. If you cannot print this off then please write neatly in your homework books.   

 RE Resources
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PE- 21 Minute Challenge- 2:10-3:00

For your 21 Minute Challenge this week there is a selection of either Target Games, Striking and Fielding or Golf Challenges set by Rossendale School Sports Partnership. 

The lessons have been attached below. Each lesson has links to introductory videos and demonstrations to watch as well as ideas for how to set up and complete each task. 

You can either complete one task or all of them if you are feeling energetic! 

Don't forget to share your videos and pictures with Rossendale SSP on Facebook #21minutechallenge

 21 Minute Challenge
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Evening Prayer

God our Father I'd like to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family and all the things you give to me. 

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light.



Well done for working so hard on your home-learning activities. 

We can't wait to see you all again on tomorrow morning for another longer Morning Teams Session for World Book Day!

Tomorrow at 11am you will have a live lesson with Miss Matthews and Mrs Denton based on David Walliam's book 'Gangsta Granny.' Don't forget to wear something 'granny' like such as glasses, a hand-bag, a wig, cardigan or a walking stick etc.

Love Miss Green,

Ms Bell, Mrs Raja and Mr Webster.