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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Good morning class 3!

Well done for completing your learning activities yesterday. 

It was great to see so many of you join in the live dance lesson with Mrs Denton too!

Today I have swapped some lessons around to fit in with an exciting 'live' assembly with David Walliams at 10:30am all about World Book Day, which is this Thursday! 

Today's live sessions will be:

Mathematics Lesson Introduction (Orange, Green and Blue Groups)- stay on after Morning Teams until 09:45

Live 'Amaaaaazing Assembly' with David Walliams- Join us and hundreds of other schools at 10:30am

Parents/Carers- please find below the daily timetable of activities for today. There are links to resources underneath each lesson which can either be printed or completed in homework books. 

Please continue to email me with evidence of your child's learning at least once a week.

Morning Teams- Welcome Session- 9:10- 9:20

Please join in our live session where we can say our morning prayer, I will share our learning activities for today and we can complete Wake and Shake together. I can't wait to see you all!

If you can't join in the live session, a recording can be found on the Teams site. 


Morning Prayer

God Our Father, 

I give to you, 

All that I think and say and do. 

In my work and in my happy play, 

I will give to you today. 


Wake and Shake

Get up and get moving!

Mathematics Lesson- 09:20 - 10:15

Live Intro for Orange, Green and Blue Groups after Morning Teams till 09:45

If you can't stay for the live session a recording can be found on the Teams site under the Morning Welcome for today.

Orange, Blue and Green Groups- LO: To divide using a number line. 

Today we will be looking at dividing numbers using the number line method. The PowerPoint that I will be sharing during the live lesson is attached below and all the activity sheets too. There is an extra word problem challenge and a multiplication square to help you when finding groups of a number if needed. If you cannot print the sheets then please complete your work in your homework book as neatly as you can.  

Yellow Group- LO: To solve division problems when grouping.

 Please watch the lesson video at- Solving division problems when grouping ( 

Today you will continuing division practise by grouping items. The worksheet for the lesson is attached below and there is also an additional activity sheet to complete too. If you cannot print the sheets then just write your answers neatly in your homework books.  

Red Group- LO: To find half of a quantity.

Please watch the lesson video at- To find half of a quantity (

Today you will be looking at half of a quantity. You might find it useful to have cubes or pasta shapes of the amounts to share. The worksheet for the lesson is attached below and there is an additional activity sheet to complete too. If you cannot print these then please complete the answers neatly in your homework books. There is also an activity on Purple Mash too.  

 Maths Resources
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Break 10:15-10:30

Have a run about, stretch your legs and have a healthy drink/snack. 

Live 'Amaaaaazing Assembly' with David Walliams- 10:30am

Please join us and hundreds of schools across the country to watch the live assembly with David Walliams all about World Book Day! 

To join in, simply click the link below a few minutes before the assembly kicks off.

You'll be shown a holding screen until the stream starts at 10:30, so don't worry if the video doesn't play immediately. 

Now you're ready for the most AMAAAAAZING Assembly EVER!!!



When you have watched the assembly please continue with your English/Phonics lesson activities as detailed below. 


Miss Green's Group- LO: To complete the final version of my newspaper report.

Today I would like you to complete the final version of your newspaper report that you started yesterday. Remember to check your checklist carefully to make sure you have included all the features and you can draw pictures with captions too.

If you finish early, there are additional newspaper report activities to complete below. 

 English Resources
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Ms Bell's and Mrs Raja's RWI phonics groups

In the folder's below you will find a teaching overview for the daily activities and resources for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as Thursday and Friday activities are all based around 'World Book Day.'

For the next few days the phonics groups are focusing on recapping their learning. All the activities have been uploaded below and writing activities can either been printed out or completed in homework books.

Please check the overview for each day and just complete those activities. 

There is also a link below to the videos which will help you in teaching your child their sounds.  

Phonics Sound Videos

 RWI Phonics Resources
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Spellings/Handwriting- 12:00 - 12:15

There will be no spellings set for this week or next week. During the week beginning 15th March the whole school will be reviewing spellings by completing the full year group tests. This list can be found in the back of your child's Home School Record book but please email me if it is not there. 

I would like you to practise these words through handwriting practise during this time. You can either complete this on the attached sheet or in your homework books- as neatly as you can!

 Handwriting lines.pdfDownload
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Lunch Time- 12:15- 1:10

Lunch-Time Prayer

Bless us O Lord

As we sit together

Bless the food we eat and the hands that made it. 

Bless us O Lord as we eat together.


Afternoon Lessons- 1:10 - 3:00


RE- The Eucharist Mass- 1:10-2:10

LO: To describe how Christians can share God's love with others.

In today's lesson we will be learning about receiving Holy Communion and when the Priest blesses the congregation, sending them out to share God's love with others.

Please read the PowerPoint attached, that includes a video, and then complete the footprint poster activity by writing ways in which Christians could share God's love with others. You can then colour and decorate it once you have completed your writing. If you cannot print the poster then design your own either on paper or in your books.  

 RE Resources
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Topic- The Romans- 2:10-3:00

LO: To learn about Boudica and how she rebelled against the Romans.

In today's lesson you will use historical sources to find out facts about Boudica and explore the story of Boudica's rebellion against the Romans. 

Please read the PowerPoint attached and then complete the storyboard comic activity. There is also a fun 'Horrible Histories' song all about Boudica to watch on the slide show too.

There is a blank storyboard to complete or a part-filled one- try and challenge yourself to complete the blank one and then draw pictures to match each section.

 Romans Resources
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Evening Prayer

God our Father I'd like to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family and all the things you give to me. 

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light.



Well done for working so hard on your home-learning activities. 

We can't wait to see you all again tomorrow for our longer Morning Teams Session, where we will be reading the 10th chapter from our class book!

Love Miss Green,

Ms Bell, Mrs Raja and Mr Webster.