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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Good morning class 3!

Well done for completing your learning activities yesterday.

It was great to see so many of you join in the live dance lesson with Mrs Denton too!

Today's live sessions will be:

English Lesson Introduction (Miss Green's Group)- stay on after Morning Teams until 09:45

Mathematics Lesson Introduction (Orange, Green and Blue Groups) 11:00-11:25

Parents/Carers- please find below the daily timetable of activities for today. There are links to resources underneath each lesson which can either be printed or completed in homework books. 

Please continue to email me with evidence of your child's learning at least once a week.

Below are some more photos that were entered into the 21 minute challenge photography competition!

Morning Teams- Welcome Session- 9:10- 9:20

Miss Green's English Lesson Introduction afterwards until 09:45

Please join in our live session where we can say our morning prayer, I will share our learning activities for today and we can complete Wake and Shake together. I can't wait to see you all!

If you can't join in the live session, a recording can be found on the Teams site. 


Morning Prayer

God Our Father, 

I give to you, 

All that I think and say and do. 

In my work and in my happy play, 

I will give to you today. 


Wake and Shake

Get up and get moving!

English- 09:20-10:10- Live Teams Lesson Introduction after Morning Teams till 09:45

Miss Green's Group- LO: To identify the key features of a newspaper report.

In today's lesson we will be looking at newspaper reports and the key features so that you can begin writing your own report based on 'Pigeon Impossible' this week. The PowerPoint that I will be sharing during the live introduction is attached below and the newspaper activity sheet. If you cannot join in the live lesson a recording can be found under the Teams morning welcome recording. 

 English Resources
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Ms Bell's and Mrs Raja's RWI phonics groups

In the folder's below you will find a teaching overview for the daily activities for this week and all the resources too. The story book, worksheets and spelling sheets have been uploaded- writing activities can either been printed out or completed in homework books.

Please check the overview for each day and just complete those activities. Mrs Raja's folder below has two pages.

There is also a link below to the videos which will help you in teaching your child their sounds.  

Phonics Sound Videos

Parent folder
 jar of oil.pdfDownload
 mrs bells overview 22nd Feb.docxDownload
 sounds ir-er-ur.pdfDownload
 story intro.pdfDownload
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Guided Reading- 10:10 - 10:30

Please select the comprehension to complete for your group below. 

 Reading Comprehensions
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Break 10:30-10:45

Have a run about, stretch your legs and have a healthy drink/snack. 

Mathematics Arithmetic- 10:45 - 11:00

Please complete the attached sheet below to practise your times table multiplication and division facts.

Orange, Green and Blue Groups- Mixed 4 times tables. 

Red and Yellow Groups- Mixed 2 times tables.  

 Mixed 2 times tables activity.docxDownload
 Mixed 4 times tables activity.docxDownload
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Mathematics Lesson- 11:00 - 12:00

Live Lesson Introduction for Orange, Green and Blue Groups until 11:25

Please be logged in at 10:55 ready to start at 11:00. If you cannot join the live lesson a recording can be found on the Teams site. 

Orange, Blue and Green Groups- LO: Revise times tables and division facts.

Today we will continue revising our times tables and division facts. We will be looking again at writing number sentences for these facts.

Attached below is the power point for this lesson which I will be sharing during the introduction and the worksheets. If you do not have a printer, complete all answers in your homework books.

For the extra worksheet, you can either print out the worksheet and cut and stick into your books, or just write the answers to the facts in your books.

I would then like you to play this game to practice recognising your number fact families: Click on the purple multiplication and division button and have a go! Choose the times tables you feel most comfortable with first and then challenge yourself and move onto the next one!


Yellow Group- LO: To solve multiplication word problems using a table of two

Here is the link for today's lesson: Solving multiplication word problems: Table of two (

In this lesson, you will solve multiplication problems involving the multiplication table of two, using bar models. Attached below are the worksheets for this lesson or complete answers in your homework books.

Tip: you might want to use blocks, counters or dried pasta to help you!


Red Group- LO: To add equal groups

Here is the link for today's lesson:

Tip: you might want to use blocks, counters or dried pasta to help you! Attached below are the worksheets for this lesson or complete answers in your homework books. Challenge yourself and have a go at the extra worksheet!


 Maths Resources
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Spellings- 12:00 - 12:15

Please find below your new spellings for this week and activity sheets that need to be spread over the week. 

Miss Green's and Mr Webster's groups- Please complete the 'dots and dashes' and 'word changers' activity sheet. 

Ms Bell and Mrs Raja's groups- Please complete handwriting during this time as you complete your spelling activities during phonics in the mornings. 

Parent folder
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Lunch Time- 12:15- 1:10

Lunch-Time Prayer

Bless us O Lord

As we sit together

Bless the food we eat and the hands that made it. 

Bless us O Lord as we eat together.


Afternoon Lessons- 1:10 - 3:00

PE- 1:10-2:00- 21 Minute Challenge

For this week's challenge we are continuing with the Lamp Post Orienteering. There are 22 routes throughout Rossendale and for every route a pupil completes they will be entered into RSSP’s prize draw (the more routes they complete the better chance they have of winning).

Please click on the link below to access all the files and information if you haven't entered yet. 

They are taking entries up until this Sunday.

Topic- 2:00-3:00

LO: To learn about the Roman invasion of Britain

In today's lesson, we are learning about why the Roman's invaded Britain and looking at the timeline of events.

Attached below is the powerpoint for the lesson and worksheets. There is a Timeline of Events and a Timeline Poster to help you create your own timeline! Write the 9 main events on your timeline and draw any relevant pictures to decorate it.

There is a blank timeline attached below - you can use the one with the dates already on to help you, or use the completely blank timeline and challenge yourself! If you do not have a printer, draw a straight line across a double page in your homework books!

Parent folder
 Blank Timeline with Dates.docxDownload
 Blank Timeline.docxDownload
 Romans Timeline Display Poster A4.pdfDownload
 The Roman Invasion of Britain.pptxDownload
 Timeline of Events.pdfDownload
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Evening Prayer

God our Father I'd like to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family and all the things you give to me. 

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light.



Well done for working so hard on your home-learning activities. 

We can't wait to see you all again tomorrow for our longer Morning Teams Session, where we will be reading the eighth chapter from Romans on the Rampage!

Love Miss Green,

Ms Bell, Mrs Raja, Mr Webster and Miss Parker.