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Home Learning Timetable for Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning Class 2. Happy Tuesday!

Hope you're all well, being good for your parents/teachers and keeping active. Don't forget to email me at least once per week with an update of what you've been up to.

Can you join us live on Teams first thing this morning and again straight after lunch? We hope so! We really want to see your lovely faces!

Morning Live Welcome lesson at 9.10...

We are going LIVE from Class 2 at 9:10am. Please log in a few minutes earlier and wait in the lobby. Make sure your microphone is muted. If you want to speak try 'raising your virtual hand' by clicking on the little hand near the top of your screen.

If you can't join in the live session, a recording can be found on the Teams site. 

Morning Prayer... 

God our Father

I give to you

All that I think and say and do.

All my work and all my happy play

I will give to you today.


Wake and shake...

Here's one of our favourites. Don't forget to sneeze into your elbows for hygiene reasons. Ha ha!

Now for a game of Move and Freeze. You know how to do it! 

Mathematics at 09:20 ...

Today we're learning about numbers! Please watch your group's Oak Academy lesson and then complete the worksheet within the online lesson. I've also attached each group's worksheet below.

Once you have finished this you could complete the online quiz at the end of the lesson. This would be a great way to test your learning from this lesson.

Yellow group (Hendrix, Bella, Millie-Rose, Amalie, Isabella, Honey, William, Reggie, Ella):

Title for books - To count and match pictorial and abstract representations to different numbers.

Click HERE for today's oak academy lesson. In this lesson you will link the words in the counting sequence to pictorial and then abstract representations.

 yellow group's worksheet.pdfDownload
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Red group (Phillip, Verity, Harry, Bethany, Ayrton, Max, Parker):

Title for books - To sequence numbers.

Click HERE for today's oak academy lesson. In this lesson, you will be using numbers in sequences by putting them in order from small to big.

 red group's worksheet.pdfDownload
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Green (Ruby, Nathaniel, Thomas, Harriet, Leila, Poppy) and Blue group (Noah, Reuben, Hugo, Abigail, Sam, Marley, Gabriella, Finley):

Title for books - To explore 2-digit numbers by grouping in tens.

Click HERE for today's oak academy lesson. In this lesson we will be grouping 2-digit numbers in tens and ones and using strategies to solve problems.

 green and blue group's worksheet.pdfDownload
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BREAK TIME 10:20 - 10:35

Go outside, stretch your legs, have a drink of water and a snack.

Guided reading at 10:35 ...

Read a book on bug club and remember to answer the questions by clicking on the bugs - once all bug questions have been answered, the book will disappear from your selection and be replaced with a new one (like magic). We are keeping a record of who has been reading and how often. Log in details are in the front of your reading record.

Click on the bug below which will take you straight to the Bug Club log in page...

English (including spelling/handwriting) at 11.00...

Read, Write Inc. is back!

Click on the picture below to check our school Read Write Inc page. There you will find your group in the table at the top of the page, and your activities listed below each lead teacher.  

LUNCH TIME 12:00 - 13:15

Grace Before Meals

Bless us O Lord

As we sit together

Bless the food we eat and the hands that made it. 

Bless us O Lord as we eat together.


Have a break, some lunch and get some fresh air if possible.

Live lesson at 13:15 ...

Join us on Teams for a live worship and 'catch up' session. 

PSHE at 13:45 ...

Today's lesson title - Feelings.

Discuss the following questions...

  • When was the last time you hurt yourself?  
  • How did you feel?
  • Is it just our bodies that get hurt?  [feelings can be hurt]
  • Think of a time when your feelings were hurt. How did this make you feel?
  • Talk about feelings being comfortable/uncomfortable rather than good/bad.
  • Can you put a plaster on a hurt feeling?  
  • What can you do to heal that hurt feeling? 
  • Can you help a friend who is feeling sad?

Download the worksheet in the following file. Draw faces on the people to match the emotion they are feeling. Discuss with an adult these different feelings and try to make the faces yourself. Think about what might make you feel a certain emotion.

 draw and discuss feelings activity_sheet.pdfDownload
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Dance at 14:15

Please find below the link to the Dance lesson for class 2 with Mrs Denton - have a go and join in!

Story time at 14:45 ...

Click the video below to watch and listen to Dermot O'Leary read 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book'.

End of Day Prayer at 15:00 ...

God our Father

I give to you

All that I think and say and do.

All my work and all my happy play

I will give to you today.


Good afternoon everyone!  You're all super stars!