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St Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School

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COVID-19 Information Page

On this page you will find all information sent out by us about COVID-19, this could be a Facebook post, Letters with Information or Class Daily Timetables.



Covid Case Class 4 (Children in school) - 25th February 2021

Covid Case Letter to Class 4 ONLY

Warning Covid Case Letter to Class 1,2,3&5 ONLY



Covid Case Class 5 (Children in school) - 31st January 2021

Covid Case Letter to Class 5 ONLY

Warning Covid Case Letter to Class 1,2,3&4 ONLY

Covid Case Update Class 3 (Children in school) - 27th January 2021
Dear Parents and Carers,
Sorry it is me again...but this time with better news! Having reviewed staffing I am actually now able to offer your child a place back in school from MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY after all. Your child will be supervised by Mrs Raja and Miss Parker who is a Teacher Training student as Miss Green and other members of the class staff will not be able to return to school until Wednesday. 
If you return your child to school it is on the understanding that they will be cared for by a student alongside a member of our support staff, who I am very grateful to for being willing to undertake this responsibility in order to support our Critical Worker families. They will still work on the learning set Miss Green. 
I hope this news offers a little joy in the current situation, 
Take care, 
Mrs Sullivan  


Covid Case Update Class 3 (Children in school) - 25th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers of children in Class 3, 
I hope this email finds you well. 
I am writing with two very important pieces of information for you, so please read carefully. Firstly, further cases of COVID have been diagnosed since we sent the children home on Thursday meaning that the last time your child was in contact with a positive case was actually at 12.00 on Thursday 21st January. This now means that your child's isolation period is extended and will run to midday on SUNDAY 31st JANUARY. 
Additionally, due to staff illness and isolations I unfortunately will not have sufficient Class 3 staff to reopen to your child on Monday 1st February as initially planned and have no alternative but to keep Class 3 on full remote learning until the end of the day on Tuesday 2nd February, which means your child cannot return to school until WEDNESDAY 3rd FEBRUARY. I apologise for the additional strain this places upon you as parents, but this new strain is so virulent and has had a huge impact upon the staff of Class 3. Please be incredibly mindful of this yourselves at home and if anyone in your house displays any symptoms which are out of the ordinary then I recommend you get a test as the 'classic' symptoms have not necessarily been present in all the cases that have tested positive this last few days - sickness, headaches and dizziness have also been a feature. 
I am sure you will join me in wishing a speedy recovery to all those who are suffering from this illness, 
Take care, 
Helen Sullivan
Headteacher, St Peter's RC Primary School,
Newchurch, Rossendale. BB4 9EZ
01706 229972


Covid Case Class 3 (Children in school) - 21st January 2021

Covid Case Letter to Class 3 ONLY

Warning Covid Case Letter to Class 1,2,4&5 ONLY



Letter from Mrs Sullivan and Instructions to set Teams.


Instructions for Teams


04/01/2021 - 8pm

Partial School Closure Letter and Critical Worker Request Form

Link to Government guidance on who Critical Workers are.

Partial School Closure as of tomorrow letter

Critical Worker Request Form



Message from Mrs Sullivan

As I know you will have seen over the weekend there has been a great deal of discussion about the re-opening of Primary Schools and whether staff were willing to return to full classes of face-to-face teaching. Each school has to make their own decision based upon their individual circumstances and this should be respected. All of the staff of St Peter's are committed to full class teaching and we WILL OPEN IN FULL as planned tomorrow. I want to thank the continued dedication and commitment of the entire team to allow this to happen.
However, the transmission rate of the new strain is reported to be much higher so we need your help to try and be even more careful in and around the school grounds. Please adhere to the measures below from tomorrow morning.

FACE MASKS must now be worn by all adults (and High School children) when on St Peter's Road, entering the school grounds and on school grounds, unless you are medically exempt. Please do not be offended if you are reminded of this by myself or a member of staff -we are just doing our job! If another person is collecting your child - please ensure they know this information!

The 'turning area' must not be used as a stand and wait/chat area in the mornings please; no adults should stand here. All parents/carers should line up on the path of St Peter's Road, spaced out, and walk in maintaining that space.

YEAR 6 children are the only children permitted on the yard before 8.50am, any Year 6 who arrive at school before this time do so at their own risk as they are not supervised. No other children are allowed on the yard, they should be standing with an adult on the pavement before coming into the grounds after the bell.

ONLY ONE parent/carer should be coming to the school site to collect children, this includes not standing outside the school gates and waiting whist the other parent goes in. Less adults = less risk!

Please utilise the full 15 minutes of staggered times before and after school to reduce congestion. Please SPACE OUT at all times, hang back, take your time and give people room.

Please keep to the correct sides of St Peter's Road when walking up and down to avoid cross overs. 'Up' is on the side nearest the school building, 'down' is on the side furthest away.

Sorry for the long post! We are doing everything we can within school to reduce risk and need our whole community to also play their part.

Thank you for your support, if you have any queries please contact me at school today on 01706 229972 or via my email




Facebook Post from Mrs Sullivan

As per the announcement we ask our school community to follow the new restrictions from tomorrow. We are so relieved that the start to our new term is not impacted.  


Reporting confirmed COVID-19 Cases during the Christmas closure

The school will be closed from Friday 18th December 2020 and re-opens Tuesday 5th January 2021, and our telephone voicemail will not be checked until we return.

If your message is urgent - like an NHS Track & Trace COVID notification/ Posative Case - please email it to                                 or, which will be checked daily. Please do not email other addresses as they are unlikely to be checked until we re-open on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

For other non-urgent enquiries please email or call us when we re-open on Tuesday 5th January 2021.



Return to School Information - September 2020


COVID-19 Full School Opening Risk Assessment (Sept 2020)



Revised Dinner menu During COVID-19

COVID Dinner Menu



Bubble info for Reception and Year 1 parents for next week

Bubble Information for Parents 22nd June



Letter for wider re-opening of school to Reception and Year 1

Dear Parents and Carers, 
Following the advice from Lancashire issued today we will be extending our reopening to Reception and Year 1 children from the week beginning 22nd June. 
In order to fully plan for the return I now need you to go to our website and complete the 'Return to School' form for your child by 12.00 lunchtime TOMORROW to indicate whether you wish to accept the offer of a place for your child. Tomorrow afternoon I will then review the numbers and see whether we can offer full time or part time places as we have to adhere to the maximum of 15 children in a bubble. I will confirm with you by the end of Wednesday (17th June) the details of what we can provide based on the numbers. 
Please note if you do not submit your response by 12.00 lunchtime tomorrow then your child will not be included in our numbers and will not be able to access a place at school. 
Thank you for your swift response in this to help me plan everything quickly, 
I will be in touch! 
Best wishes,  
Helen Sullivan


Bubble Information for CW and Yr6 Parents for WC 15th June 2020




Year 6 Return to school Monday 15th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 
I am writing to let you know that we will be reopeningto Year 6 children as of next Monday 15th June.The advice from Lancashire was to delay wider reopening for another week but having given it much consideration (as I had anticipated this would be the review outcome today) I believe we can safely provide a school place for our Year 6 children for the final 5 weeks of the term. It would be expected that the Year 6 children would be together at this stage as one bubble as I anticipate the number of 'yes' responses to be 15 or below, if it exceeds 15 then they will be across two bubbles based upon friendships. 
This decision is based on a number of factors. Almost half of the Year 6 children have already been accessing school regularly as part of the Key Worker groups over the last 11 weeks so by opening more widely we are not significantly increasing the number of children attending school each day. Today I have led training for all the staff about our reopening procedures and everyone is feeling clear and confident about the measures in place, we feel as a team that we can safely open more widely and that, as the oldest children, our Year 6 can adhere to the social distancing measures far more easily than younger children. Of course we have been open for all this time for a number of children without any problems at all and we know our systems are robust and effective. 
Lancashire make it clear that the decision lies with Headteachers and I have spoken to our Chair of Governors this afternoon to secure her approval in advance of sharing this with you.
Ultimately this is your choice as a parent or carer but the place will be there for your child as of next Monday 15th June. I would ask that you please complete the online form (on our website) by 3pm on Wednesday 10th June to indicate either yes or no for next week. We request that if they are coming to school they attend full time to maintain continuity for them and for the staff. 
Following completion of the form I will issue a letter later in the week which outlines the practicalities of drop off, pick up etc. 
Many thanks for your ongoing support, 
Helen Sullivan


Latest Letter, Booklet and Risk Assessment

Please see below a letter from Mrs Sullivan about the new arrangements for the return to school from the 8th June 2020 and a booklet for the children to look at with your selfs to explain the routine. 


Returning to School Booklet

COVID-19 Risk Assessment 2020

Message on Facebook from Mrs Sullivan
Many of you will have seen the announcement this evening advising against the wider opening of Lancashire schools. We have been working very hard this week and last planning for the phased return of our Year R, 1 and 6 children as of the week beginning 8th June but now this will have to be on hold until we receive further guidance. Please be assured we feel just as frustrated as you about the constant changes as we desperately want to have our children back, but we cannot go against this advice (rock and a hard place anyone?!). 
I have an 8 page letter (yes, you'll need to sit comfortably!) which I was due to send out to you by Friday, detailing all the plans for the phased wider opening; this includes answers to all the questions submitted by parents. One of my tasks now for tomorrow is to edit this letter, removing the dates and times we had in place so I can still share the organisation and information you need to know for when, God-willing, we open more widely.
Take care all.
Information from Lancashire County Council
Our Director of Public Health is advising Lancashire's schools to delay opening to more pupils.
The government says it wants to see primary schools reopen to all children in reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1 June.
Currently schools are only open to children of key workers and our valuable children, which is how we describe our most vulnerable children. We carefully assessed the government's five tests to the easing of lockdown restrictions to see how they apply in Lancashire, and have concluded that schools should not reopen to more pupils from next week.
The advice will be reviewed regularly so that schools can reopen to more pupils as soon as it is safe to do so.
Letter from Mrs Sullivan to Critical Workers and children who are in the care of the Local Authority.

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this email finds those and the ones you love safe and well. I know that your children have been enjoying still being able to access school and I hope that by providing this facility we have in some way reduced some of the pressures you are facing.

I am writing to let you know that school will be closed to all children on MONDAY 8TH JUNE. This is to allow all the staff the opportunity to put all required practical actions in place for the wider opening of school from the next day onwards. I wanted to give you as much notice of this as possible and trust you can make alternative arrangements for that one day.

Further details about the wider opening of schools will be issued in the very near future but just to reassure you that our provision for the children who have parents/carers who are classed as 'Critical Workers' or children who are in the care of the Local Authority will still be provided with a school place when it is required. The usual online booking system will continue; thank you for the efficient way you complete these requests as it assists our planning a great deal.

Take care and I will be in touch soon,

Helen Sullivan

Letter from Mrs Sullivan & Return to School Form for all years. (Reception to Year 6) 
Dear Parents and Carers, 
As I know you will have seen, the Government has expressed the desire for schools to open to more children from after the half term holiday, which for our school is June 8th. The year groups prioritised initially are Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, which for our school is 60 children. This is alongside continuing to provide childcare to children who have a parent who is a Key Worker or children classed as vulnerable. Potentially this would be up to 80 children coming to school each day. 
Furthermore, the Government have since stated 'an ambition' for all Primary children to return for the last month of this academic year. 
I will be honest - Social Distancing is not possible in a Primary School, especially for our youngest children, I am sure it does not surprise anyone to read this! What is possible however, is to put measures in place to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and this is what schools up and down the country are doing. This is not new to us, we have been putting measures in place for the last 7 weeks for our Key Worker children and school staff but the potential increase in numbers will make it a very different ball game indeed. 
All schools have the responsibility to put plans in place which are relevant to their own school settings as each environment is so different. In order to be able to work with you, the staff and governors on what is best for St Peter's I need you to please let us know whether you intend to send your child to school if the option is made available to you. Your response is not a commitment  - it is not set in stone but it will give me the vital information I need to look at the next steps. 

Therefore, please can you go to our school website ( and on the homepage you will find an online form entitled 'Return to School Information'. Please complete one for each child indicating your response as soon as possible. This is particularly urgent for parents in Years R, 1 and 6 but I ask that all children are included in the responses. 

Inevitably there will be endless questions about this situation which I will strive to answer in due course once the picture is clearer. Just to say that we 100% respect the decision you as parents and carers make for your children, whatever that is and I ask for your continued patience and willingness to work with us. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, I will be in touch again when I have further updates, in the meantime please take care all of you.

Best wishes, 
Helen Sullivan 


COVID-19 Information Letter




Home Learning Websites for all Classes

Link to Home Learning Page



Key Worker COVID-19




COVID-19 Keys Worker Letter - 8.40am