St Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School

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All schools must provide swimming instruction either in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

By the end of Key Stage 2 pupils should swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 meters.

School Swimming Award 2

  1. Answer 2 water safety questions
  2. Enter the pool safely, steps, ramp, swivel
  3. Scoop water with hands and wash face
  4. Use a woggle to swim front paddle and back paddle for 5 meters
  5. Push and glide on front and back
  6. Using aids perform a treading water action with legs
  7. Using a woggle rotate from a back float to a front float and return to a back float
  8. Swim 2 meters front paddle and back paddle unaided

School Swimming Award 4 & 10 Meters

  1. Jump in, swim 5 meters on front and turn onto back, swim back (No Aids)
  2. Swim 10 meters front crawl attempting side breathing
  3. Swim 10 meters back crawl
  4. Tread water for 10 seconds
  5. Submerge and collect a toy from the pool floor
  6. Swim 5 meters breaststroke (Aids may be used)
  7. Perform dolphin leg action
  8. Perform a mushroom float for 3 seconds

School Swimming Award 6 & 25 Meters F&B

  1. Swim 25 meters front (F) crawl
  2. Swim 25 meters back (B) crawl
  3. Swim 15 meters breaststroke
  4. Perform a forward or backwards somersault
  5. Jump in and tread water for 45 seconds, swim back and climb out
  6. Swim 5 meters butterfly
  7. Perform the HELP position
  8. Perform a straddle entry into the pool

School Swimming Award 8

  1. Scull head first and feel first for 10 meters
  2. Enter the water with a straddle entry, Swim 2 meters in shorts and t-shirt, tread water for 1 minute waving one arm, surface dive, swim 5 meters underwater, surface and remove clothing
  3. Perform the huddle position
  4. Throw a rope 5 meters to a conscious casualty
  5. Swim an individual medley incorporating the transition procedure at the end of each stroke
  6. Perform an accompanied rescue
  7. Swim 25 meters old English backstroke
  8. Swim 5 meters of a recognised front stroke, perform a feet-first surface dive, tuck and swim 5 meters underwater

School Swimming Award 1

  1. Answer 2 water safety questions
  2. Enter the pool safely, steps, ramp, swivel
  3. Move 3 meters in the water by walking, jumping, hopping or holding side
  4. Jump up and down in the water holding the side if required
  5. Using aids perform an alternating leg action across the pool
  6. Blow bubbles in the water
  7. Float with support and return to a standing position
  8. Exit the pool safely and unassisted



School Swimming Award 3 & 5 Meters

  1. Swim 5 meters on front, roll and swim 5 meters on back without aids
  2. Perform 10 meters of alternating legs on front with aids, whilst blowing bubbles
  3. Attempt breaststroke legs and back with aids
  4. Whilst standing attempt front crawl arms
  5. Whilst standing attempt back crawl arms
  6. Perform a star float on front or back and hold for 5 seconds
  7. Jump in with assistance if required
  8. Perform a reach rescue

School Swimming Award 5 & 25 Meters any stroke

  1. Swim 15 meters front crawl
  2. Swim 15 meters back crawl
  3. Swim 10 meters breaststroke
  4. Scull head first or feet first for 5 meters
  5. Attempt butterfly arms
  6. Perform a head or feet first surface dive
  7. Swim 25 meters of pupils choice (Must be recognised stroke without aids)
  8. Jump in and tread water for 20 seconds, swim 5 meters, turn around and swim back then climb out.

School Swimming Award 7

  1. Swim 50 meters front crawl
  2. Swim 50 meters back crawl
  3. Swim 25 meters breaststroke
  4. Swim 75 meters continuously
  5. Tread water for 1 minute
  6. Swim 10 meters butterfly
  7. Perform a throwing rescue
  8. Swim 25 meters in shorts and t-shirt