St Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School

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Prayer and Worship at St Peter's

Sacred Scripture is the bedrock of all our collective worship and the message from it, at an age-appropriate level, is the thread which flows throughout all our gatherings.

Our children become confident and passionate leaders of prayer and worship, who have a clear sense of ownership about the prayerful experiences they engage with. During their journey with us, our children understand the pattern of the Church’s liturgical year and how this shapes the ways in which we pray and the presentation of the prayer areas within the school environment. They are proud to talk about the prayer life of the school and their involvement in it.

By linking our prayer focuses to local, national and global issues our children are able to make connections between their personal offerings to God and the wider challenges of life. We always have a ‘Go Forth’ message which the children take with them as a thought or challenge to show their faith in action.